Friday, February 17, 2012

Sun and snow all in a day...

We were fortunate enough to have another family holiday this week. I had my annual company meeting in Lanzarote, so left the snowy cold London to head to the Canaries. Before leaving the airport though, I sat with 4 of my work colleagues on a plane for 5 hours. On the tarmac. Fun. Turns out the snow (which didn't prevent the very full plane full of passengers from getting to the airport) kept the de-icing machine workers from getting to the airport. Seriously. Fun was being had at home however as Scott and the kids built a great snowman.

So after the plane finally left, we arrived to Lanzarote safely. The meeting went fine and then the family arrived. We rented a house again which ended up being really big and fantastic for the week. The weather was unseasonable cool which made the heated swimming pool necessary. The kids swam at least two times every day but one. The one day we had a pajama day. Love those! We of course made it down to the beach several times. Now, some of you are wondering where the bikini clad beach pictures are. To you, I would simply say HA!

The other exceptionally cool thing was that Scott was able to secure a babysitter for the evenings while we were there. Kirstee ended up being GREAT! She came over several nights so Scott and I could go out. The kids liked her so much! One afternoon she brought over her two kids and the four kids all played together (while Scott and I went and had a cocktail beachside). A big shout out and thanks to Kirstee!

This was one of our best holidays...

We all were able to catch up on sleep (yep, the kids let us sleep in virtually every morning). Caden declared himself big enough for "wake up duty". He was able to get them both breakfast bars and water and turn on the cartoons. LOVE THAT! The kids had a blast and fussed when it was time to leave. We are looking forward to our next vacations in April once Scott has returned from his month trip to the States for trial. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....

Video highlights:

Saturday, February 4, 2012

39 years young

I had my birthday in January. For the first time in four years, I wasn't at a company meeting for it. My lovely work friends got me a birthday cake and took me out for cocktails and dinner. My sweet husband gave me a birthweek. Forever, I have wanted to stay in a castle. Check.

We spent a great night in Amberley Castle. What a beautiful and amazing place. Scott arranged for us to have a seven course tasting menu dinner. In a private room. With a roaring fireplace. And our own waiter and sommelier. Talk about spoiling me! Happy birthday me!

The week was awesome. (The gift-per-day was a nice touch too!) One of the other cool things I was treated to for my birthday was going to see Amos Lee in concert here in London.

He was amazing!

I have had an unforgettable year. Lucky beyond all expectations, we live a dream life. Some people worry about getting older, and I am thankful for continuing to get older. Every year has gotten better and I look forward to this year and hope to get many more.