Monday, January 28, 2013

In the midst of (another) international relocation...

(I wrote this about a week and a half ago but failed to post...)

So it has been pretty busy since I last updated.  The kids got out of school in London on December 9 and then the movers came December 18.  We moved into a hotel room on December 21 and flew back to the states on the 23rd.  I thought that was busy until we arrived here.  Still on UK time, we were able to get a ton of stuff done.  By 9am local time, we had driven to Houston, grocery shopped, eaten breakfast, driven back to Brenham, bought a new car, and Christmas shopped (at Walgreen's (-: ).  Friends and family came that day mid-afternoon;  the visiting with friends just stopped last week.

It was great seeing all of our friends and family.  We added a new family member Gracie to our home.  She was an owner-surrender at the local humane society that we adopted.  What a wonderful dog she is!  She reminds me so much of Brewskii.

The kids have started back to school.  Caden is at his parochial all-boys school and Keali is at the local public elementary.  They are doing their best to settle in, but the course work is dramatically easier in the states than where they left off in London.  Keali compares going to school to "camp".  Her teacher however is amazing and very responsive.  She is now sending homework everyday for Keali to continue her progress.  Caden's school situation is still fairly tentative but I have high hopes for a final settling in by him as well.

We are still a bit off as a family as we struggle with this re-entry.  Scott has gone back to work, the kids are at school, and I am trying to get this house in order to make it "home".  Our sea shipment will hopefully arrive this week or next, so we will be able to live less like we are in university and more like grown-ups.  I'm hopeful that this deep depression low feeling will soon pass.

 Honorable mentions:

Upon our arrival at the ranch, there was not time to go buy a Christmas tree.  Since having a live Christmas tree is part of our family Christmas, we decided to make one from the bush limb outside the back door.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.  When in the middle of an international relocation, wine is necessary.  Wine openers aren't always available/find-able/operational.  Wine opener meets vise-grip: