Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day 3

As it turns out, homeschool is okay.  It isn't nearly as hard nor as awful as I thought it might be.  So far, anyway.  We have covered a ton of stuff in our three short days together.  Today, after cursive writing practice (which he wasn't allowed to write in at school since returning from London), we started a new spelling curriculum.  It was wild to see his eyes light up with simple explanations of letter combinations and "rules" of spelling.  He evidently didn't piece those rules together using his weekly obligatory list of ten random spelling words he was getting from school.  Reinforcing the new information will be challenging for two people who don't like "reviews" and anything that starts with "let's talk about what we discussed yesterday", but we will do it.  Success is a powerful motivator.

One of my favorite things today was learning about Japan.  He decided we should have sushi for lunch, and since we were short on time, we decided that Japan would be his social studies topic for the day. One fun fact we read about: who knew that Japan was made up of almost 7,000 islands?!  I certainly didn't until today.  I had no idea that Japan had an emperor, nor that women in Japan have the longest life expectancy of anywhere else on Earth.  We talked about moving there, but then learned it is the riskiest place on earth to live in terms of natural disasters.  Count me out if it involves earthquakes and tsunamis!  We were given even more information about Japan and World War II when we met Scott for lunch.  He's quite the history buff.  I always hated history because of how I learned it.  To me, it was a series of dates and titles of wars and presidents to memorize.  Caden won't be taught history that way!

So far, so good.  I can safely say that homeschooling does not suck.

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