Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A busy weekend

The weekend came and went so quickly that I'm not sure how it even happened.  I didn't sleep through it; it was just super fast.

First, Friday was a big day.  It was Keali's last day in her public school.  I met with the teacher and explained that we would be pulling her out after the full day at school.  I was already doing the bulk of the work for homeschool (coming up with the curriculum and subject matter each day), but we were still being stifled with the public school schedule.  After all, Caden and Keali are so close in age that the math was really the only area they would need separate lessons.  The teacher completely understood and was kind enough to send some material home with her to get her off on a great start.  The schedule was of course a big problem with the public school, but other things that were important to us as a family that swayed the decision to bring her home:
1. She was really only allowed to "talk" during recess (30 minutes) each day.  Even lunch was assigned seating and little conversation since she was assigned a seat in between two boys that weren't close friends.
2.  We had taken 90% of her school work for the week on the cruise.  We were able to do it all in under 3 hours total.  Compare this to 40 hours of time that she would have been in school for the week.
3.  She was struggling with seeing all the fun "learning" Caden was doing, but being forced to go to school to sit down and be quiet for the greatest part of the day.
4.  I HATED MAKING LUNCHES AND THE FOOD AT THE SCHOOL WAS INEDIBLE!  (I may have yelled that inadvertently.)
5. The work that she was doing seemed to be a great deal of repetition.  More than even a kid who loves worksheets and repetition enjoyed.

She was beaming on Monday morning when I told her to get ready for school.  She quickly smiled and reminded me that she "was learning at home!".  It is fun to see her so excited.

Saturday can't be forgotten either.  Saturday marked 11 years since Scott and I were married at the ranch.  What a day it was 11 years ago!  The weather was almost identical this last Saturday to 2003.  While we didn't spend the day this year with our friends (and my brother who had an allergic reaction to an ant), we still had a fun day.  We left around 4 in the afternoon (without the littles) and went out and had cocktails and a great dinner.  We finished off the night at the dueling piano bar.  It was a fun evening out.  We have certainly had some wild adventures over the last 11 years.  Now with both kids home, and our schedule freed up even more, I have no doubt we have many more in our future.

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